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Achieving Summer Fun & Getting Things Done

Summer is in full swing, illnesses are waning, and summer vacations are starting. During this time of year, safety becomes my main concern. We have a significant number of international and domestic travelers, so I would like to emphasize a few safety points. For international travelers, I always encourage parents to refer to the CDC website for advice on immunizations for exotic locations. These vaccines are not necessarily expensive but are not part of routine vaccinations, and we do not stock or administer them. The Health Department is knowledgeable about the immunizations required for specific regions, so I recommend reaching out to them. In most places in Europe, the Caribbean, and South and Central America, immunizations are not required if you are staying at resort properties. However, if you are planning to engage in more adventurous activities, that may not be the case. Interestingly, you are less likely to contract a rare contagious disease in a foreign country than to be involved in a motor vehicle accident. Therefore, I strongly encourage parents to be hypervigilant when walking in foreign countries, as the rules of the road can be quite different, and distractions are common while traveling abroad. It's essential to have sunscreen and mosquito spray available during your vacation, as nothing spoils a good time like a severe sunburn. I also highly recommend using the summer months for spending quality time with family. I have never regretted any vacation time I had with my now grown children. These are the stories we reminisce about repeatedly. So, use the summer to create lasting memories, have fun, and stay safe.

Another important summer task is to catch up on well-child checkups if you are behind. Due to the pandemic, it was easy to fall behind on physicals and immunizations. If you require a physical and have not been seen in the last year, we will need to schedule an appointment for you. It's easier to schedule in advance rather than last minute. We can provide sign-offs for sports physicals if you have been seen in the last year and do not have any current issues. Flu shots will be available soon, and I highly recommend getting them. Don't wait until you get the flu to receive your shot. Have a fantastic summer, and we look forward to seeing you!

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