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The Importance of Vaccinations during a Pandemic

COVID19 Update

After watching Governor Polis’ latest updates on the situation in Colorado, I would like to offer some of my own insights. I think that it is important to encourage my parents and parents to make sure they are still getting their immunizations. Preventative health visits for children are not elective visits, which should be limited, we are preventing serious viral and bacterial infections that affect the welfare of children. I consider our Well Child Checks to be necessary errands, just as important as shopping for food and exercise. The threat of a measles or pertussis outbreak during this pandemic is not only possible but real.

We at Steel City Pediatrics have your family’s best interest in mind. We are vetting our well child checks closely to monitor for signs of infection and are rescheduling these appointments. My fear about postponing immunizations is that there will certainly be a shortage in immunizations over the course of the next 6 months and possibly over the next year or two.

It is my opinion that school will remain closed until the end of the school year, so it will be important to keep up the momentum of home schooling so that our children do not fall behind. It is my opinion that schools will reopen in the fall, however it is my belief that they will not return after Thanksgiving break and will be off through Christmas and possibly beyond. Pandemics historically have returned in the fall and winter after a spring start.

I expect that the number of those sickened and hospitalized will continue to rise and I don’t expect return to anything like normal for at least 6 weeks and likely into June. I continue to hope for the best but try and to prepare for the worst. It is my hope that our families, the base unit of our society, will be closer, stronger and more cohesive as a result. Stay sane and stay safe.

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