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A Regretful Farewell: Reflections on Leaving UCHealth Parkview

It is with deep regret and a heavy heart that I announce my recent departure from UCHealth Parkview Medical Center. While I had every intention to continue serving my patients at Parkview, circumstances beyond my control have made it impossible to do so. Throughout my tenure, I have taken great pride in delivering exceptional care to my patients and supporting my pediatric colleagues here in Pueblo.

The decision to step away stems from the administration's insistence that we cover their "Doc Line," a regional service extending beyond Pueblo County to encompass areas in western Kansas and Northern New Mexico. Despite the considerable additional workload this entailed, requests for compensation were met with refusal. I firmly believe that no one should be expected to shoulder increased responsibilities without fair compensation.

Comparisons to other hospitals and their practices were made, but the reality is that the situation at Parkview differed significantly. Moreover, promises made by both the administration and the chief of the medical staff proved to be false. With the added pressure of knowing that my fellow pediatricians in Pueblo were also considering resigning en masse, I had no choice but to tender my resignation.

My decision to leave rests solely on the shoulders of the administration and the medical staff at UCHealth Parkview Medical Center. I deeply regret that circumstances have led to this outcome, as I have always cherished my relationships with the dedicated nurses, support staff, and others at the hospital. However, the current situation has become unsustainable, leaving me with no viable option but to depart.

I regret to inform you that I am no longer able to extend my services within the hospital setting. However, please note that even though I won't be seeing your newborn in the hospital immediately after birth, when the baby is discharged from the hospital, please call our office to schedule an appointment for two days after discharge.

Despite this transition, my dedication to delivering high-quality care remains resolute. While this chapter concludes, I am actively seeking alternative paths to contribute to our patients in accordance with my deeply-held values and principles. Your understanding and steadfast support during this challenging period are deeply appreciated.

Moreover, I am excited to share that we will soon be introducing a new service: in-office circumcisions. Stay tuned for the official announcement as we endeavor to provide comprehensive care within a more accessible and personalized setting. Thank you once again for your ongoing trust and support.

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