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How long does Corona Virus live on surfaces?

Coronavirus 8

Via Web MD: “How long does Corona Virus live on surfaces?”

Metal: (doorknobs, jewelry, silverware) 5 days

Wood: (furniture, decking) 4 days

Plastics: (Containers, elevator buttons, seats) 2-3 days

Stainless Steel: (refrigerators, pots, pans, water bottles) 2-3 days

Cardboard: 24 hours

Copper: 4 hours

Aluminum 2-8 hours

Glass: 5 days

Ceramics: 5 days

Paper: 5 days

Food: Not thought to spread

Water: Not thought to spread

Fabrics: Not tested but not thought to spread

If you can make sense of any of this, please let me know. One of the frustrating aspects of this outbreak is that nothing seems certain and there are so many mixed messages out there. Standard surgical masks and homemade masks were said not to be affective but now are being encouraged. I am frustrated with all the mixed messages, as I am sure all of you are. Here is a different way of looking at it. Using a seatbelt doesn’t mean you can’t be injured in a car accident; it just lowers the risk. Seatbelts lowered the child fatality rate in car accidents, car-seats lowered them even more, and rear-facing car-seats are even safer. I believe that masks are like seatbelts, even a poor fitting 1958 seatbelt is safer than nothing. In the end we need make our own decisions. The CDC has recommended use of masks in public, but there is no failsafe method to prevent possible transmission 100%. Keeping workspaces disinfected, washing hands, avoiding unnecessary travel, and maintain social distancing is making a difference. These are strange and interesting times. Be sane and be safe until next time.

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