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Coronavirus: What do I need to know?

Due to current events I feel obligated to continuously try and update this blog until such time as things start to slow down.

Closings of schools, public events (including sporting events and ski areas) and other large group meetings have already gone into effect and should be expected to continue. I suspect that restaurants, movie theaters and other businesses will be asked to close or have decreased hours in the immediate future. I would also expect curfews like the ones in New Jersey to be coming soon. Voluntary travel is being discouraged, and many countries, including Canada are shutting down their boarders to anyone but citizens.

· In China 2.4% of cases were in the pediatric age group with no documented pediatric deaths.

· Currently there are over 4000 cases in the US with 70 deaths.

· There are 131 positive cases in Colorado with one death in an 80 year old from El Paso County.

· There has been one positive case from Pueblo county.

· Of the 131 cases in Colorado, 7 have been in teenagers. (5%)

· There have been no confirmed cases of COVID19 in children under 12 in Colorado.

The situation remains fluid and changes are happening quickly.

I encourage all my families to remain calm and keep updated by reliable sources. We at Steel City Pediatrics are dedicated to the well being and the safety of your families. We will diligently keep updates as soon as we can.

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