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Please Welcome Devin Smith to The Steel City Pediatrics Team

We at Steel City Pediatrics have always striven to provide a mom-and-pop shop feel to how we provide care. I believe that we have been incredibly successful at achieving that. With that said the practice has grown to a point that I can no longer see everyone individually as I initially planned. To continue to provide excellent care we have decided to hire a nurse practitioner to help Steel City Pediatrics continue to provide this care. Devon Smith is a parent of a patient, has rotated through here and is just as dedicated to providing the best quality care as I am. We welcome her to our team here with enthusiasm and pride. I am confident in her ability to cover when I am on vacation, or away from the office. There will not be two separate practices, Devon and I will cover the practice together and anyone she sees I will know about. If there is a question or concern, I will continue to be involved as needed. I hope that you would welcome Devon to our team and see her as an extension of the vision of Steel City Pediatrics as a whole.

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